Ways to Give


Our church now offers Cash App as a convenient option to donate to New Hebron Missionary Baptist Church. Your free-will giving helps to make a difference in the preaching of the Gospel and in the lives of others. 


Click here to pay online or use the information below to download the Cash App and pay from your phone. ​​​

How to donate using the Cash App on your mobile phone


  1. Download Cash App from the App Store or Google Play (Distributed by Square Processing Company)

  2. Save the church phone number in your mobile device as NHMBC (501-413-2818)

  3. Open the Cash App

  4. Type in the desired amount to give.

    • Always review amount entered.

    • Refunds cannot be issued under any circumstances. 

  5. Click "Pay" at the bottom right side of the screen. NOTE: Never click "Request".

  6. The church mobile phone number, email address, or cashtag can be used to send money. Use only one of those options and type it into the "To:" field. 

    • Phone number: 501-413-2818 (saved as NHMBC in phone)

    • Email address: nhmbclr@gmail.com

    • Cashtag: $nhmbclr

  7. Type in where you want your money to be given in the For field (ex.: Tithes, Offering, Youth Ministry, Sunday School, etc...)

  8. ALWAYS review the payment before submitting. Refunds cannot be issued under any circumstances. 

  9. Click "Pay" in the top right corner. 

  10. Transaction is complete!